Equine Solarium

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liangdi Heater - The choice of Champions

2012 Olympic Champion

Peter Charles

“It takes Only 10 minutes from full shampoo

and wash to completely dry.

I use different settings on the heater control

panel with 10 - for drying, 6 - for clipping and 3 - for general maintenance work with my horses. I find

this not only warms and dries them, but also has a very soothing cathartic effect.”

      Our latest technology now means everyone can affor

      Equine Heating.


      The latest in our range of Low Glare heaters. 

      The LiangDi. Highly recommended by Olympic

      Champion Peter Charles.

      As recommended by top equestrian vets,low glare

      infrared heaters with 80% less light output-protect

      horse's sensitive eyes.

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