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Gold heating lamp

Infrared heating lamp for industrial process

Gold heating lamp

Overview of applications
ApplicationLamp Solution

Plastic forming 

Bottle blowing 

Painting drying


Shoe made drying

Food catering/processing


Wet condition

Clear/White reflector heating

Clear/White reflector heating

Clear/White reflector heating/Gold heating

High power twin tube

Gold heating

Jacket/Clear or special shape heating

High power twin tube

Waterproof Gold heating

Liangdi Infrared heat lamps are the high-power heat source for a wide range of industrial
heating applications, such as plastic forming, paint drying, paper printing, semiconductor and many more. They are infrared halogen lamps, which means that tube blackening and resulting reduction in infrared output are negligible, ensuring very high process stability throughout the
lamp lifetime. Full power is reached within a few millseconds of switch-on, Lamp power is fully

controllable, with instant adjustment of the required heat level between 0 and 100%.

Product                           Application

Gold Heating Lamp         Painting drying, shoe made machine any wet condition and etc.

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