Liangdi Infrared heating lamp for comfort heating

An important field of use for infrared halogen lamps is comfort heating, the most efficient heating solution to increase well being. LiangDi infrared halogen solutions are perfect for enabling lifestyles, providing well - being and enhancing activities in an environmental friendly and sustainable way.

Benefits of Infrared heat

  • Instant Heat - No more waiting for the "heater to warm up". Instant heat within 1 second.

  • Clean & safe Heat - No open flame, fumes or drying out of the air, equipment. No UV.

  • Cost effective - No more heating up of the air. Only objects get warm.

  • Dimmable - You can control the amount of heat/electricity usage.

  • Low Maintenance - No moving parts or wear, no servicing, only annual cleaning.

Waterproof Tech

The cap is made for outside conditions and especially water splash. This special cap helps you reach your desired IP certification against dust and water, like IP65.

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