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Infrared electric heater Smart heater (062 series)

                     MODEL           POWER     VOLTAGE     DIMENSION      WEIGHT          OPTIONAL

                                                 (W)             (V)             L×W×H(MM)        (KG)                 COLOR

            LDHR062-150KB       1500         110-130 

                                                                                      556×130×108        2.5         Black/ Silver/White

            LDHR062-200KB       2000         220-240

                     MODEL              POWER     VOLTAGE     DIMENSION      WEIGHT          OPTIONAL

                                                    (W)             (V)             L×W×H(MM)        (KG)                 COLOR

            LDHR062-3002KB       2×1500      220-240        991×130×108         4.0          Black/ Silver/White

                     MODEL              POWER     VOLTAGE     DIMENSION      WEIGHT          OPTIONAL

                                                    (W)             (V)             L×W×H(MM)        (KG)                 COLOR

            LDHR062-3002KB       2×1500      110-130        1071×130×108         4.2          Black/Silver/White

           Infrared Electric Heaters are now so advanced they have become both economical and

           an environmentally sound way to keep an outdoor environment warm and comfortable. 

           LiangDi infrared electric heaters have many benefits including: NOT being considered

           for banning as they  produce no direct CO2 emissions and use 85% less energy than

           gas patio heaters. Being odour free, silent, and effective even in windy conditions.

           An infrared electric heatercan provide cost effective instant heat at the flick of a switch.

           LiangDi 062 series heater models

            Smart heater (062 series) 


           - Support Bluetooth smart technology (based on Bluetooth v4.1)

           - Environment friendly and energy saving

           - IP65 grants the possibility to use the heater in wet and dusty conditions 

           - Use iOS and Android system to control heater (ON-OFF, dimming, timing

           - 1 smart phone can control and re-name multi heaters (up to 1000pcs)

           - End-users can update software in order to get new functions


            optional to be  Low Glare / Ultra Low Glare

                  *KB: remote control & bluetooth control


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