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New luxurious hanging heater heating emmiter (011 series)

                     MODEL          POWER      VOLTAGE       DIMENSION       WEIGHT      OPTIONAL

                                                (W)               (V)             L×W×H(MM)          (KG)             COLOR


              LDHR011-200KY     2000          220-240        450×450×151           5.7            Black/Silver


            New luxurious hanging heater (011 series)

            Infrared Heating Emmiter             


            - New Luxurious hanging design, heating can heat directly to any angle

            - Support Bluetooth smart technology(based on Bluetooth v4.1)

            - Six steps on/off remote control (100-80-70-60-50-33)

            - Environment friendly and energy saving

            - IP65 grants the possibility to use the heater in wet and dusty conditions

            - Use iOS and Android system to control heater (on-off, dimming,timing)

            - 1 Smart phone can control and re-name multi heaters (up to 1000pcs)

            - End-users can update software in order to get new functions

            - Remote and bluetooth model are  optional

             *KY: remote control

             *KB: remote control & bluetooth control


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