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Remote control heater outdoor patio heater (005G2 series)

                     MODEL                  POWER      VOLTAGE      DIMENSION      WEIGHT     OPTIONAL

                                                        (W)               (V)             L×W×H(MM)         (KG)          COLOR

              LDHR005G2-150KY        1500          110-130 

                                                                                               630×100×77           3.5           

              LDHR005G2-200KY        2000          220-240                                                        Black/Silver


             LDHR005G2-3002KY     2×1500        220-240         1130×100×77         4.2

             Remote control heater (005G2 series)


             - Extra reflector to achieve higher heating efficiency

             - Tested and approved by CE, GS, ROHS, EMC, ETL/cETL

             - IP65 grants the possibility to use the heater in wet and dusty conditions

             - Easy to replace lamp (Easy Fitting System)

             - Gold coated lamp (HELEN), no UV, safety use

             - With ON-OFF button six steps (100-80-70-60-50-33)

             - Wall mounting and pole bracket provided as standard configuration

             - Heater stand(LDT), frame(LDT), parasol bracket(LDP) and dimmer box can

             be purchased separately

             optional to be with two different front covers

             optional to be  Low Glare / Ultra Low Glare

             *KY: remote control

Remote control heaters give you the ultimate luxury heating solution. At the press of a button you can turn on your heaters and select from different heat settings to suit your mood and comfort. A small LED changes colour to indicates the setting. Rated as one of the best outdoor patio heaters in the market – IP65, LiangDi outdoor patio heater can be used in absolutely any weather conditions in complete safety.

Liangdi waterproof patio heater uses infrared light to economically heat objects, not the space, for maximum comfort and minimal energy usage. The result is comfortable, odorless, and silent warmth almost anywhere. LiangDi waterproof patio heaters are perfect for extending the season on decks, patios, and balconies in homes or restaurants, or anywhere instant heat is needed. The short-wave infrared technology in a LiangDi heater uses much less energy than similar heaters using medium-wave infrared. The high-quality and attractive design uses durable, long-lasting weatherproof aluminum.


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