Liangdi is dedicated to providing superior “Solutions” for the users which is mostly profit from our accumulation of experience and data in the infrared heating industry for more than 20 years. We are always able to design the matching infrared heating module according to customer needs for infrared heating. Our team is of rich experience, quick response. We are pround of our Infrared laboratory which can  meet most of design requirements. The module can be controlled more easily bec of our excellent intelligent control team . The heating process become more efficient and the supply energy become more accurate through the perfect match of the emission spectrum and the target spectrum, so finally the cost will be reduced accordingly.

Our advantages:

1) Accumulation of experience and data in the infrared heating industry for  more than 20 years.

2) Moudule size can be customized according to customer request

3) Excelent Inteligent Control Team,Control the modules easily by Smart phone or Pad

4) The infrared laboratory can meet most of customer’s design requirements.


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