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Supercharger industrial heater infrared waterproof heater (010 series)

                     MODEL        POWER    VOLTAGE     DIMENSION        WEIGHT      OPTIONAL

                                             (W)             (V)             L×W×H(MM)           (KG)            COLOR

               LDHR010-250      2500        220-240        550×230×300            4.1           Black/Grey

            A typical infrared waterproof heater is cost effective, clean, safe and easy to install. 

            Modern units also look good and add a classy feel to any outdoor patio, bar or smoking

            area. Outdoor heat has never been so easy. No smells, no noise, no storage no hassle.

            Heat at the flick of a switch that feels so natural it keeps customers coming back time

            and again. Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes and Clubs in fact anywhere flexible outdoor heating

            is required – LiangDi has the solution.

            Supercharger industrial heater 

        super power infrared waterproof heater 

        (010 series) LDHR010-250

            - Supercharger, heating can be concentrated to where it needed

            - Max.Power is 2500W, widely used for commercial using, workshops and etc.

            - Waterproof IP24

            - Grand size and extra reflector to give 1)higher heating efficiency, 2)cooler heater body

            - Easy to replace lamp (easy fitting system)

            - Wall mounting and pole bracket provided as standard configuration

            - Heater stand(LDT), frame(LDT), parasol bracket (LDP) and dimmer box can be 

               purchased separately



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