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Ultra Low Glare Gold lamp / HeLeN / short wave IR lamp

Infrared heating lamp for comfort heating

Basically, the shorter the wave,the more easily it travels through the air. Short wave infrared generates

heat by heating the object it meets with,without heating the air around it.Even effective and instant heat

without preheating. A good example for this mode of action is the effect that occurs when a person walks

out of the shade into the sunlight. Although the ambient temperature remains the same, people feel the

temperature as considerably under direct radiation. Infrared heat can be directed using reflector, so small

partial areas can also be heated effectively. Long life time up to 5000 hours of the cycles of operation. 

An important field of applications of infrared halogen heating lamps is comfort heating, the most efficient

heating solution to increase wellbeing. LiangDi IR heating solution is perfect for enabling lifestyles, providing

well-being and enhancing activities in an environmental friendly and sustainable way.

•  Instant Heat of short wave IR heating lamp- No more waiting for the "heater to warm up". 

   Instant heat within 1 second.

•  Clean & safe Heat - No open flame, fumes or drying out of the air, equipment. No UV

•  Cost effective - No more heating up of the air.  Only objects get warm.

•  Dimmable - You can control the amount of heat / electricity usage.

•  Low Maintenance - No moving parts or wear, no servicing, only annual cleaning.

•  Applications - widely used for outdoor comfort heating, restaurants and cafe terraces, homes, patios,

   bathrooms, large halls, churches, schools, and other outdoor seating, etc.

 Normal Gold Lamp/Standard Gold Lamp/HeLeN 

The comfort heating range 

- Economic and efficient: 90% of electricity converted

  into heat, short wave IR lamp/ infrared heating lamp

  / ir quartz tube / ir heat emmiter

- Safe: meet all standards (as a lamp)

- Directional: point the heater for heat exactly where you want it

- Environment: clean, no by-product, no oxygen consumption

- Durable: constant level of heat output, long lifespan

 Low glare gold lamp

  Developed by LIANGDI laboratories in 

 2011, LOW GLARE infrared heating

 lamps offers an 80% reduction in visible

 light output with almost no reduction in

 heat output.

 The light itself that is emitted tends to be redder than the industry standard 'Gold' lamps, however, it is not 

 at all painful or bright even when stared directly into. LOW GLARE lamps will have very little effect on the

 colour and lighting of surrounding people and objects.

 Ultra low glare gold lamp

 ULTRA LOW GLARE is LiangDi lab's latest and the most

 advanced addition to our range of IR heating lamps. 

 The advantages of choosing ULTRA LOW GLARE are clear

 for all to see. With an amazing 90% light reduction, this exclusive

 lamp emits such a soft warm natural yellow glow, makes your out

 door experience more comfortable and natural feeling than ever

 before. The most popular power solution is 2kw heating lamp, 

 1.5kw heating lamp, 1kw heating lamp, etc. Possible to be

 customized according to specific requirements. 

 Waterproof Tech

 LiangDi's patented cap is made for outside conditions and

 especially water splash. This special cap helps you reach

 your desired IP certification against dust and water, IP65.

Overview of applications
ApplicationLamp Solution
Outdoor HeatingGold /Low Glare /Ultra Low Glare lamp
Indoor HeatingGold /Low Glare /Ultra Low Glare lamp/Ruby/Frosted Lamp
Infrared SaunaVitae /Ultra Low Glare Lamp

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